What we do hits HOME.

Dominium is committed to providing beautiful, safe, and affordable housing with the kind of attention to detail and amenities you’ll want to find in your next home.

The Dignity of Home

It is hard to find a stable, affordable home in the United States. But we’re working to change that. As a leading national developer, owner and manager of affordable housing, Dominium provides affordable homes to families and seniors across the country. We know that a home is much more than four walls and a roof. Home is dignity. And at Dominium, we believe everyone deserves the dignity of home.

What We Do

Dominium Gives

Dominium strives to make a positive difference in the cities and neighborhoods we call home. We believe that corporate social responsibility means building vibrant neighborhoods around the country, empowering employees to engage in their communities and creating opportunities for our residents to thrive.

Join Our Team

We are a vibrant and growing organization, with many avenues and opportunities for you to build a successful career. We offer a respectful and fun work atmosphere, educational and training programs, and excellent benefits.