What We Do

What We Do

Dominium builds and manages high-quality affordable homes across the United States.

We bring together development, construction, finance and property management expertise to provide communities with successful, long-term housing outcomes – and our residents with stable homes. We currently own and manage more than 38,000 apartment homes at more than 220 properties across the U.S. And as we continue to grow, we’ll keep working to make quality housing affordable and accessible for all.

Why It Matters

There is a shortage of affordable homes in the United States. A shortage affecting rural, suburban and urban communities alike.

A recent study by the National Low Income Housing Coalition found that the U.S. has a shortage of 6.8 million affordable rental homes for renters whose incomes are at or below the poverty line. And a 2022 survey by the Pew Research Center found that 88 percent of U.S. adults say the availability of affordable housing in their local community is a problem.

Dominium is helping tackle the affordable housing crisis because we know that stable, affordable homes are the foundation for healthier lives and more vibrant communities.

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