Dominium Donates

We created the Dominium Foundation because we know that creating stronger communities cannot be done by one organization alone. It requires a strong network of community groups working together. Through Dominium and the Dominium Foundation we donate more than $1 million a year to dozens of organizations working to build stronger families and neighborhoods. The Dominium Foundation is made possible by founding partners, Jack and Pam Safar and Kristin Dennewill on behalf of the estate of David Brierton as well as Dominium's current partners.

Our Foundation invests in communities across the country, empowering nonprofits that provide support for each organization to achieve their mission. We will continue to be strong partners in communities we serve and operate nationwide.

Our Other Programs


Through the Dominium Pro Bono Program, we provide free development services to non-profit organizations that are addressing critical housing challenges. Through this program, 10% of our development efforts are provided free of charge.


Our employees take care of their communities and we take care of our employees. We created the Dominium Employee Emergency Fund to assist employees in times of dire need.


The Dominium Volunteer Program matches company resources with employee passion. Each year, Dominium employees volunteer thousands of hours to important causes in their local communities.