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Social Media Inaccuracies Includes Mississippi Crossing Project

Dec 10, 2014

“While the city invited Dominium to consider a market-rate high amenity community in the Mississippi Crossings, the effort ended once…

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Minneapolis falls short hiring minorities on major construction projects

Oct 15, 2014

A-Mill Artist Lofts is among those projects and Dominium Developer, Owen Metz, is quoted.

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Mississippi Market Moving Forward

Sep 24, 2014

Approval from the St. Paul Housing and Redevelopment Authority to buy city-owned land. Dominium proposed a 113 unit senior housing project.

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St. Paul Senior Affordable Housing Spring 2016

Sep 9, 2014

Project seeks $2 Million in tax increment financing. Q & A with Dominium Developer, Owen Metz.

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Affordable Housing Goal in Medina

May 22, 2014

Dominium's affordable housing project was chosen out of 20 others. With a goal of 506 units by 2020, the rental townhomes will contribute 32 units.

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Twin Cities Apartment Market

May 21, 2014

While out-of-state investors pay top prices, local owners continue to dominate. Brendt Rusten quoted on Dominium's acquisitions and strategy.

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Multifamily Executive 2014 Concept Community

May 5, 2014

Dominium is mentioned as an industry partner for the 2014 Concept Community which will focus on rehabs, renovations, and adaptive-reuse projects.

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Competition in Lending Packages for Affordable Housing

Mar 31, 2014

US Bank helps fund Historical project, Pillsbury A-Mill, to create 251 affordable housing artist lofts.

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Chris Barnes on Construction-to-Perm Financing

Mar 28, 2014

“If you’ve got the time for it, the best and most attractive rates, I would say, are with HUD,” Barnes says.

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High Demand in Twin Cities Rental Market

Mar 4, 2014

“It was another outstanding year to be an apartment owner in the Twin Cities, but if you’re a renter you had to move quickly if you saw…

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Building Magazine- Stale to Stellar

Aug 30, 2013

Article with Armand Brachman explaining how to revive aging apartment stock without breaking the bank.

Industry Insights

Senior Housing Trends

May 28, 2013

Finance & Commerce complete article with quotes from Dominium's Ron Mehl.

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