Plans Emerge for Plymouth's Vacant Four Seasons Mall

In the Community

Plymouth’s vacant Four Seasons Mall, which has experienced a few failed attempts at redevelopment in recent years, may finally get a new life.

Plans are in the works for Dominium, a Plymouth-based affordable housing development and management company, to purchase the Four Seasons Mall along Rockford Road and Highway 169 for $130 million and convert it into affordable housing, retail and a parking garage.

“The mall has been closed for about eight years, and I think a lot of people in the community are looking for something to redevelop on the site,” said Shawn Drill, a Plymouth senior planner. “The mixed use of housing and commercial, together with the park and ride, seems like a good fit for the site.”

Plymouth-based Dominium has a purchase agreement for the 17-acre site.

The company’s proposal calls for a five-story senior housing structure with 210 units, and a four story apartment complex with 220 units.

In addition to the housing units, the project would also include a three-level parking ramp to serve people who use the city’s Metrolink bus service.

However, Plymouth city officials stress that plans are still early in the process.

“We’ll find out more on Wednesday night at the Planning Commission meeting,” Drill said. “It’s a ‘sketch plan,’ so it’s not something that they would vote up or down. It’s really for the developer to obtain informal feedback from the city as to whether or not they think the developer is taking this in the right direction.”

Dominium is asking the city for tax breaks and tax increment financing help because of the poor soil conditions on the site.

The Plymouth Planning Commission will review the preliminary plans Wednesday and provide feedback.

The city council will then review the plans at its meeting June 25.

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