Dominium Launches Second Year of Scholarship Program in Partnership with Scholarship America

Corporate News

Dominium doubled its scholarship commitment to $1 million after its inaugural year

Dominium, a leading national affordable housing apartment owner, developer and manager announced today that it will be partnering with Scholarship America again for the second year of its scholarship program, Opportunity’s Front Door. The program is intended to help break down financial barriers to higher learning and help residents and employees achieve their full potential.

The scholarship program—which aligns with the company’s corporate giving initiative, Dominium Gives—will be available for application by Dominium residents and employees, or their dependents, who wish to enroll in a post-secondary college, university or certification program.

Dominium is committed to providing safe and affordable housing, as well as improving the lives of the individuals and families that it serves. With the belief that talent is widespread, but opportunity is not, Dominium launched Opportunity’s Front Door with the goal to close that gap between talent and opportunity.

Opportunity’s Front Door will be operated through the Scholarship America website and applications opened for the 2021-2022 academic year on March 23. Dominium will contribute a total of $1 million to the program, at $5,000 per scholarship. The application processes end on April 28 and scholarships will be awarded this August.

“By providing safe, quality, affordable housing, we know we are helping families meet their basic needs every day. The next step is helping provide the foundation of education to our residents who we know are facing financial barriers when it comes to higher education,” said Paula Prahl, Dominium Vice President of Public Affairs. “Opportunity’s Front Door will be life changing for our community members and we are very proud to be offering this opportunity.”

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