Dominium Plans $80M Rescue of “Endangered” Minneapolis Property: MHN Online

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June 23, 2011 - As the historic Pillsbury A. Mill has recently been placed on the “America’s Most Endangered Places” list, Dominium has planned to purchase a large section of a building on the campus to redevelop into a 240-unit affordable housing complex geared toward artists. Dominium is well aware of A-Mill’s historical prominence, which is taken into consideration in the developer’s plans.

Opened in 1881, the Pillsbury A. Mill now stands vacant and in recent years, has gone through foreclosure. If the Mill is not rehabilitated, Minneapolis may lose a vital part of its history.

“It has a very industrial, economic significance to the area,” said Owen Metz, Dominium’s senior development associate. “It is very important to the history of Minneapolis.”

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