Tax Credit Advisor, “New Technologies Benefit Affordable Housing Operations”

Industry Insights


July 2011 - As an affordable housing developer, Dominium continuously keeps up-to-date with new technologies, which is essential to the development and operations of low-income housing. One program that Dominium uses to efficiently scan-in electronically stored invoices from properties is Yardi Systems Voyager Software.

Tim Wands explains, “Before, if we wanted, say, a utility bill from a site, we had to go out to the warehouse and pull a file for that month, now you just go into the software and double click and the invoice just pops up.”

Dominium also has a separate development database containing information, documents and photos for all of its properties including those that are in development and possible prospects. This system “enables Dominium employees to more easily monitor the progress of current projects and identify the best development opportunities – the firm looks at about 150 to 200 potential new deals a month,” said Dominium Vice President of Asset Management, Brendt Rusten.