Dominium Development surveys the arts community to help shape live/work spaces: The Line Media

In the Community


January 18, 2012 - To gauge interest in its upcoming redevelopment projects, Dominium along with PLACE, a nonprofit agency, put together an online survey for input from the Minneapolis/ St. Paul community regarding Dominium’s renovation of The Schmidt Brewery and Pillsbury A. Mill.

Dominium has plans to turn both buildings into apartment communities, and on Jan. 9, announced at a community meeting held at the Mill City Museum, the launch of the survey.

Owen Metz, a senior development associate at Dominium, says that the company wants to “assess the market, to see what interest there is from the arts community,” adding, “We want to find out what their motivations are for living there.”

The survey results could determine the unit designs at the communities along with the kinds of amenities will be added to each community.

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