Construction & Architectural Services

With a 45-year track record and an average of 25 years experience, members of Dominium’s Construction & Architectural Services team, representing the fields of general contracting, construction management, and architecture, is unique in the affordable housing industry.

Construction & Architectural Professionals

Our professionals bring varied backgrounds and a wealth of experience to each project.

A Collaborative Effort

The Dominium Construction & Architectural Services (DCAS) team possesses a comprehensive level of expertise that far exceeds what is typically found in the industry. The DCAS team includes professionals from the general contracting, construction, and architectural fields each of whom brings an integrated and enhanced level of responsiveness and productivity to all projects, including the company's new construction, historic redevelopment, and rehabilitation ventures. By employing quality processes, products, and materials throughout they ensure that every project meets Dominium's stringent standards, providing a positive outcome for residents and investors.

Construction Services: From Start to Finishes

Dominium’s construction team of industry professionals utilizes state-of-the-art tools to procure the construction of a wide range of projects from start to finish. Our construction team collaborates with design professionals, contractors and other professionals who are familiar with Dominium’s standards for quality, timeliness, and overall value.

Architectural Services: Concept to Completion

Our in-house architecture department provides architectural design services – including site assessments, schematic drawings, design development, construction documentation, bidding, and construction administration for the company’s renovation and rehabilitation projects. New construction and historic building projects are outsourced to best-in-class architectural firms who report to Dominium’s Construction & Architectural Services team.


We are proud to say that the Dominium Construction and Architectural Services team is licensed for architecture and contracting in the following states.

As Dominium grows its’ portfolio, the Dominium Construction and Architectural Services team is continuing to get licensed in other states. Check back soon to see which states we have added to our list.

Arizona Arizona Michigan
Georgia Colorado Minnesota
Idaho Florida Ohio
Minnesota Georgia Tennessee
Tennessee Idaho Texas
Texas Iowa Wisconsin

Rehab and Renewal

Elevating newly acquired or distressed properties to Dominium’s high standards requires diligence, oversight, and commitment. Our project managers spend time on site, oversee the construction, and coordinate progress meetings. Throughout the construction process, great care is taken to assure that residents are able, as often as possible, to remain in their homes while important upgrades are completed.

New Construction

Dominium Construction & Architectural Services calls upon a network of consultant architects, contractors, and vendors to assure that all new buildings meet stringent quality benchmarks. The DCAS team executes Dominium's high standards to create a safe and healthy place residents are proud to call home.

Historic Renovations

Dominium has had the honor of restoring and renovating several National Historic Landmark buildings and converting into affordable and luxury housing. In cities such as Minneapolis, St. Paul, and St. Louis, these important construction projects have transformed entire neighborhoods and communities.

Completed Projects Showcase