Sarah's Story

"My Dominium story began in December 2015. I was halfway through my senior year of college at the University of St. Thomas and was so thankful to land a job before I had even graduated. Dominium was my first job that was in an office setting, so it felt like a big step in the right direction. I was originally hired into corporate accounting, where I worked part time as I finished up my last semester of school. I enjoyed my time in Corporate because I learned about a variety of different tasks and was able to see the company as a whole. Once I graduated, I was ready for a full-time position and transitioned over to property accounting. Almost immediately, I felt like it was the right fit. I loved the monthly routine and being part of the accounting team.

Developing people is the biggest Dominium value that resonates with me. After two years of being a property accountant, I felt as though I was ready for the next step. My manager at the time, Lisa Youngs, knew that I was interested in furthering my career, so she helped guide me in the right direction. I began training new employees more often and helping others when needed, which I loved. I found that explaining my position and training others allowed me to learn more about myself and my role in the company. This continued for a few months, then Lisa promoted me when a supervisor position became available. I was beyond excited for this new opportunity to grow within the company and for the new challenges/responsibilities that came with it.

It has been almost a year since my promotion, and I am proud to look back at how far I have come and the meaningful connections I have made because of it. Being managed by Melissa Trumble has shown me what it means to be a great leader and has continuously helped me grow and develop my skills. I now manage my own team and I am very happy for the opportunity to help develop each of them as they grow into their own careers. I am extremely thankful to those that have helped me along my journey at Dominium and I look forward to the opportunity to pass on the wisdom I have acquired thus far to help others be successful."