Texas Satellite Office Positions Dominium as First to Market in High-Growth Areas

As Dominium has grown into a national organization with properties in 23 states, it has become imperative that our corporate presence matches our national scale. In the last three years, we have opened satellite offices in Texas, Georgia, and Colorado. This allows us to have full-time staff on the ground in several of our high-growth states and supplement our home office in Minnesota.

As a project partner for Dominium, I run our satellite office in Dallas, Texas and am responsible for sourcing development in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. In order to maintain consistency among our development teams, satellite office partners travel to Dominium’s home office about six times each year and work closely with our colleagues in other states.

Texas is an important market for Dominium. Therefore, being the first to market and a primary provider of affordable housing in Texas is key for our business. There is significant opportunity to develop in Texas markets since there are several large cities in the state. In addition to the favorable size and scope of the cities in which we would develop, the availability of tax credits also makes this market conducive for developing affordable housing.

I owned construction and consulting companies before doing consulting work for Dominium. Texas has been my professional focus for over 15 years, so I’m keenly familiar with the markets, the people, and the state and local political processes. All of which allow me to position Dominium as a top developer in Texas.

Currently, Dominium is acquiring approximately 1,000 units at four properties in Dallas and another 163 units at a property in Austin, as well as developing new construction in Austin. In total, we own about 4,000 units in Texas. We expect to double that amount over the next two years. These transactions can be complicated, involving loan acquisitions and several financing partners. It is incredibly valuable that I can be physically present during this process to ensure we successfully complete these deals.

Not only am I close to all the projects I am working on, but I am also close to potential new transactions and upcoming opportunities which position Dominium to be the first to market. The Texas satellite office has been a great success so far. In the years to come, we hope to bring analysts and associates to expand our Texas operations. 

Texas is unique and as someone who enjoys living, working, and developing here, Dominium’s investment and commitment to opening physical office space will effectively ensure that we will always be present. We will continue to invest in the state’s numerous strong markets and look forward to providing affordable housing in Texas communities in the years to come.