Make Your Voice Count

In the midst of a crazy year, Election Day has arrived, and it seems more important than ever to vote this year. That’s why Dominium launched it’s Make Your Voice Count initiative to encourage and support residents and employees in voting efforts. This initiative around voting was designed back in 2018 during the midterm election. The effort led to a 20% increase in those that voted in a non-presidential year. Based on that impact, we launched the effort again in 2020 and plan to continue doing so in future elections.

Voting obstacles that affordable housing residents could face include limited transportation, the inability to take time off work or not being registered at their current address. Whatever the obstacle, our team was prepared to help residents work through challenges and get their vote cast. We did this by focusing resources on registration and mail-in or early voting options.

Leading up to the launch of this initiative, the team worked diligently researching all the different deadlines and requirements of voting in the 20 states in which we have properties. In order to get the message out loud and clear, we sent posters and yard signs to be placed at each of our properties that outlined important dates and requirements. Each one of our communities—in addition to our corporate office team—also received shipments of fun and informative election-related materials including stickers, magnets and flyers that highlighted “2020 VOTE - Make Your Voice Count.”

This campaign has reached 1,200+ employees, their families and our total resident population. Dominium is proud to be leading such an important initiative during these unprecedented times and hopes that these efforts have successfully supported residents and employees throughout the processes of voting! No matter who they choose to vote for, we are proud that so many of our community members have been able to exercise this very important right.