Dominium’s Construction and Architectural Services Team Improves Efficiency and Ensures Quality

One of Dominium’s core values is creating long-term value. Because of this, we take care to develop, design, construct and manage all our properties to the highest standard, so our residents can take pride in their homes. We know creating quality living spaces is worth the time and effort, so our Dominium Construction & Architectural Services (DCAS) team goes the extra mile when developing our properties to ensure they stand the test of time.

This type of team is uncommon in the industry and sets Dominium apart from other affordable housing providers. Our DCAS team averages 25 years of experience in the General Contracting, Construction Management, and Architecture fields. Members of the DCAS team bring an integrated and enhanced level of responsiveness and productivity to all projects, including our new construction, historic redevelopment, and rehabilitation projects.

Our Construction Services team works on projects from their inception to their completion to uphold Dominium’s standards for quality, timeliness and overall value. Our team consists of industry professionals using state-of-the-art tools who also collaborate with design professionals, contractors and other professionals to ensure that the end product is of the highest quality.

Vice President of Construction and Architecture, Scott Ewing, credits the DCAS team with improving the efficacy of the entire development process. Actively managing the construction process has taken time and effort away from the development team, so they can focus on transactions while DCAS designs and constructs the developments. This enables each department to reserve their time for the details that are required of them and to pass off other work to Dominium employees on the construction team.

Scott also notes the improvement in quality of construction. When the same employees come back to work on the construction of project after project, they are familiar with Dominium’s standards and consistently uphold them.

The Architectural Services team is Dominium’s in-house architecture team. This team allows Dominium to have control of site assessments, schematic drawings, design development, construction documentation, bidding, and construction administration for our renovation and rehabilitation projects. When architectural firms are hired to work on new construction and historic building projects, they report to the DCAS team to confirm that all new buildings meet stringent quality benchmarks.

Dan O’Mara, Dominium’s Director of Architecture, is looking forward to seeing how the architecture team develops further. Architecture services are the new professional service that our team offers, and he is looking forward to seeing more and more architectural work happen in-house. O’Mara says this is beneficial because they can work with the construction team from the beginning, so they are aware of constructability of a project and the necessary methods and materials.

The DCAS team has improved Dominium’s efficiency which helps lowers costs, while enhancing the quality of our properties, as Dominium can oversee the entire project. In addition to new developments, they have been handling major repairs and rehabilitations, ensuring that our properties remain state-of-the-art throughout the duration of our ownership.

At Dominium, we have been providing this type of work for over 45 years but have now formalized the process by creating this team. Through this team, we execute our high standards to create affordable housing that hits home.