Dominium Reaches Milestones of 1,000 Employees and 30,000 Units

In January of 2015, we set a 10-year growth plan for ourselves called “Dominium 2025,” with the goal of doubling our number of units owned to 40,000 units. We are proud to announce that in just three years, we have reached a major milestone of owning 30,000 units.

To achieve our goal of owning 40,000 units, we are investing in our current properties as well as new acquisitions. Our promise of long-term value means not only developing quality properties but providing upkeep, so the homes are comfortable and well-maintained for the duration of Dominium’s ownership.

When developing Dominium 2025, we wanted to ensure the long-term viability of the company and create career opportunities for our staff. Not only have we been able to do this for our existing staff, but we have also added employees. In fact, we have hit another major milestone – hiring our 1,000th employee.

We prioritize our investment in our employees as highly as our investments in properties. We invest in training them, not only because it helps our employees perform well, but because it gives them the knowledge and confidence they need to reach their full potential in their work.

As we have consistently grown over the last 45 years, we have expanded our company to have satellite offices in Texas and Colorado, in addition to our home office in Minnesota. We have employees and properties in more than 20 states and have made a positive impact on communities across the country.

Dominium has an ambitious growth strategy and reaching the 30,000-unit and 1,000 employee milestones illustrates our progress as we strive to achieve our growth goals. We believe there will be continued strong demand for high-quality affordable housing and we are committed to developing innovative projects that meet the needs of growing communities across the country.