Dominium Gets Out the Vote Amongst Residents and Employees

At Dominium, we believe in the importance of voting and we want our residents’ and employees’ voices to be heard. We decided to take action and empower every one of them to vote in the upcoming election. Our Get Out and Vote initiative was designed to ensure they all had the knowledge and tools needed to cast their vote in the 2018 mid-term election.

We kicked off this effort at our Leadership Conference in February, where we asked each of our onsite property managers to support their employees with registration and voting. Next, we established a voter engagement team comprised of cross functional team members to focus on matters pertaining to both employees and residents.

Often, residents of affordable housing face challenges in getting to the polls. They may have limited transportation options, struggle to take time off work to vote, or may not yet be registered at their current address. Therefore, we knew it was important to focus resources on registration and voting by absentee ballot to eliminate obstacles that have the potential to exist.

Our Get Out and Vote initiative involved researching the differences in voting methods and the important dates in the 22 states where our properties are located. We sent posters to each property to outline the necessary steps and deadlines. Each location received shipments of flyers, registration materials, early ballot request forms, “I Voted Early” and “I Will Vote” stickers and “Voting Matters” magnets and yard signs. Our corporate office was also equipped with the same materials. The entire initiative was made possible with committed employee support and encouragement from our leadership team.

Our hope is that these efforts will support residents and employees in the process and will help them understand there are options to vote even if they can’t physically get to the polls. Early results from a survey we sent to both resident and employee populations showed nearly a twenty percent increase in those who plan to vote in this non-Presidential, mid-term election versus those who voted in the last one. These results appear to indicate that our hard work to make voting accessible has made an impact.

It is important to Dominium that we are engaged with our residents and employees, and that they are engaged in their communities. Regardless of who they choose to vote for, we are proud that so many will get out and vote. Dominium will continue to encourage employees and residents to vote in 2018 and in elections to come.