Dominium Celebrates 1-year Anniversary of Employee Emergency Fun

At Dominium, we believe in doing right by our employees—not just when they’re on the job, but in their personal lives as well. That’s why a year ago, we launched our Employee Emergency Fund (EEF), a fund designated to helping employees when an emergency arises and they need financial assistance. As we celebrate the EEF’s first anniversary, we are looking back on the past year with pride in the ways we have been able to help our employees in their times of need.

The funding for the EEF is completely generated by Dominium employees. About one-third of Dominium employees have donated through one-time or recurring contributions, including 100 percent of Dominium’s leadership team.

The EEF was launched in August 2017 and is now one of four key components of Dominium’s corporate responsibility program, Dominium Gives. Last summer, when hurricanes Harvey and Irma impacted many of our employees, we asked for donations immediately and started sending funds to our employees in need. About 20 employees received donations to help fund their home repairs and replace their furniture and household items, and even feed their families.

In total, 66 Dominium employees have been aided by the EEF over the past year. In addition to helping victims of the hurricanes get back on their feet, funds have gone towards medical bills, supporting victims of domestic violence, living expenses during high risk pregnancies, car repairs, family funeral costs, and other emergency situations.

When these hardships arise, employees can anonymously apply for funds. Their application is assessed by a Review Committee before being passed on to EEF’s Board of Directors. Every inquiry that met the qualifications of the EEF has been funded.

In its inaugural year, close to $100,000 was donated to the EEF, $82,000 of which has already been donated back to employees in need. One hundred percent of qualified requests have been filled, with the fund continuously being replenished through ongoing donations for future requests.

Dominium is proud to support our employees and give back to the people who work hard for us every day. In years to come, we hope even more employees will donate to help their colleagues in need. With the EEF, we hope to make our employees feel supported and secure, knowing that Dominium will come to their aid if they find themselves in a crisis.

Dominium employees share how they were helped by the Employee Emergency Fund when they were affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma.