Dominium is dedicated to creating a community that hits home for our residents, but also for our employees. When an employee is hired, they have access to resources to help them succeed – including experienced staff, tools, knowledge from others and a clear path for career development. One of our core values is “developing people” and the leadership team at Dominium is committed to helping our employees grow.

As Dominium has grown from a regional affordable housing provider to a national leader in affordable housing, one of the cornerstones of this transition has been in providing training so that each team member receives consistent messaging. Our training continues to evolve as the needs of our organization change but is always rooted in our core values of creating long-term value, integrity, developing people, and growth. We regularly gather feedback from employees on our training programs, and then adjust the programs to fit their needs.

Dominium has a variety of programs that help employees learn the necessary skills to help them succeed and develop their leadership abilities. Our robust onboarding and ongoing training programs assign and track customized training courses to ensure our employees’ success. While Dominium values these tools, we believe that the people, relationships, and our values should be at the heart of training.

In addition to onboarding, Dominium employees can participate in ongoing training programs to help them advance in their careers. These career development programs are designed to instill in employees the confidence and skills necessary to help them improve in their current position or move up to the next role. Whether it is an Assistant Manager working towards being a Community Manager or a Maintenance Technician who wants to become a Maintenance Supervisor, career development programs can help guide them in that progress.

These programs and each manager’s commitment to employee success are clearly paying off. In 2017 and 2018 so far, about 130 Dominium employees have been promoted. We are proud to see each of these employees take the next step in their careers and grateful for the hard work they put in to get there. We know this number will continue to grow, too, as Dominium employees have completed over 9,000 courses so far this year.

The support and commitment from our leadership team is one of the most important parts of our training. It has become a part of the culture at Dominium. The Property Management programs are unique, so they are constantly evolving with the recommendations, support and guidance from the leadership team.

Although developing our people is the primary intent of our training programs, we are proud that these programs help us reach other goals, too. We have seen our quality training positively impacting our employee’s quality of work, which directly benefits our residents. By developing our employees, we give them the tools to create, manage, and maintain quality homes. Our residents know that their Community Managers are reliable, and that Dominium takes good care of their homes. Our employees contribute to their communities which ensures that these homes provide long-term value to residents and their neighborhoods. As Dominium continues to grow, we will prioritize developing people as highly as developing and maintaining high-quality properties because we know that our employees are what make our properties hit home.

Dominium employee, Meg Tibbs, speaks to her experience with training and career development at Dominium.