Creating Long-Term Value for Residents, Employees, Communities, and Stakeholders

What we do hits home – it’s Dominium’s promise, and we work hard every day to keep it. To us, this means providing long-term value for our residents and employees, for the communities they live and work in, and for all our valued stakeholders.

For our residents, long-term value means a place to live that they are proud to call home. We have an established set of standards we adhere to when developing a property, which ensures the quality of our work and creates a welcoming environment. Residents often share that they appreciate the neighborhood atmosphere Dominium cultivates because it makes their home a place where they feel supported and safe.

Dominium owns, develops, and manages a wide variety of affordable housing properties including workforce housing, artist housing, senior housing, and even some market-rate properties. We take care to develop and manage all our properties to the highest standard so our residents can take pride in their homes. We know creating quality living spaces is worth the time and effort, so we go the extra mile when developing and maintaining our properties to ensure they stand the test of time.

In addition to quality development, we provide long-term value by owning our properties for extended periods of time. While many development companies flip properties, and sell them for immediate profits, we ensure that ours are in good hands by maintaining ownership of them for decades – sometimes up to 40 years.

Long-term value for employees means that we invest in their futures. We expect a lot from our employees and believe that setting the bar high is the best way to ensure their success. Our employees are able to grow professionally as they contribute to Dominium’s growth through project development, operational excellence, and the long-term value of well-managed properties. We continuously invest in our employees because we expect best-in-class management of our assets and service to our residents.

Each time we develop a property, we make sure it will add long-term value to the community it serves. Our high-performance work culture and 45+ years of experience arm us with the business intelligence to evolve with market forces and continue to lead the industry in projects that innovate and provide for their communities.

Long-term value for our partners and investors means ensuring Dominium’s long-term success. By 2025, we expect to be the country’s pre-eminent private developer, owner and property manager of affordable housing, with over 40,000 apartment homes totaling $4 billion in assets. We believe we can achieve this goal because we have more than 1,000 talented employees dedicated to it.

Our residents and communities are at the heart of everything we do, and by developing quality homes that are as warm and welcoming as they are innovative, we create living spaces with long-term value that hits home.