Scholarship Program - Opportunity's Front Door

With the understanding that talent is widespread, but opportunity is not, Dominium is proud to be embarking on the second year of its scholarship program. We know that our communities are filled with bright and motivated individuals for whom access to higher education may be challenging. Scholarship applications will open on Tuesday, March 23rd for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Dominium Board of Directors member Ken Bacon initiated the idea when he suggested that we look deeper at how we help our residents. “We had already identified this as a research project to support the industry, but direct help was new. That idea, coupled with the very real truth that opportunity is much scarcer than talent, led us to focus on providing educational opportunities to both our residents and our employees,” says Vice President of Public Affairs Paula Prahl.

The scholarship program, Opportunity’s Front Door, represents our commitment to helping promising individuals link their talent with education opportunities and reach their full potential. We know that by providing high-quality affordable housing, we create the kind of stability that allows people to thrive.  Providing access to education opens additional doors. Talent lives everywhere; Opportunity lives here.

With our scholarship program, we hope to help break down financial barriers to higher learning. In partnership with Scholarship America, Opportunity’s Front Door is available to Dominium residents and employees, or their dependents, who wish to enroll in a post-secondary college, university or certification program. Dominium will be doubling its commitment to $1 million in scholarship funds at $5,000 per scholarship.

The program is aligned with our larger corporate giving initiative, Dominium Gives, and our core value of developing people

Managing Partner Paul Sween noted, “We can’t wait to see where this program takes our residents and employees and what they will contribute to our communities in the future. With Opportunity’s Front Door, we hope to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity because we know when talent gets a chance to shine, the future looks brighter for everyone.”

We'd like you to meet Adeline and hear her story! She is a 2020 scholarship recipient majoring in psychology and sociology at Hamline University.

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