Dominium Scholarship Recipients

Dominium is thrilled to announce and congratulate the 2020 recipients of our scholarship program, Opportunity’s Front Door. Twenty Dominium employees or dependents and 80 residents were awarded a scholarship to further their education at their program of choice. The scholarship application was available to all Dominium residents and employees, or their dependents, who wished to enroll in a post-secondary college, university or certification program. Dominium is contributing a total of $500,000 to the program at $5,000 per scholarship.

This is the first year of Opportunity’s Front Door, and the overwhelming support and response demonstrated the high demand for this kind of program. We look forward to continuing to support our residents and employees as they work towards their goals.

“It is with great honor for me to be able to continue to attend college and more so that Dominium, a property that I reside on, is assisting me on this journey to obtain my Bachelor's degree,” says Cakeita Davis, who will be attending Lone Star College – Montegomery this fall.

We wish every scholarship recipient the best of luck as the academic year begins and look forward to following their stories to see where their education takes them.

Complete lists of Scholarship Awardees: Employee Scholarship Recipients and Resident Scholarship Recipients