Dominium is ALL IN for Hiring Talent

Dominium has been working hard to ensure the well-being of our residents and employees while also prioritizing providing value in the communities that our residents call home. One of the most important ways that we can accomplish this is by keeping our communities fully staffed and operating seamlessly, while also contributing overall to employment opportunities.  This is why we have pledged to increase our workforce by 10% through the ALL IN For Hiring Talent initiative.  We created this initiative to support families in need of employment as well as the country’s overall economic recovery.  Dominium is now hiring over 120 new employees in roles across the 21 states where we own and manage affordable housing communities.

In the early 2000’s, most of Dominium’s employee training took place in person. Back then we were a smaller company and flying employees into our flagship office was easier to accomplish. As Dominium grew and our portfolio of communities spread across the U.S., we had to adapt our training practices to our new footprint. We moved the majority of our training to a web-based program and utilized a Learning Management System to offer consistent training across the portfolio.  While leaning on web-based training, we still offered in person training at the Home Office for one-week each month. This training evolved over the years from a few days at the flagship office to meet with different department representatives, to a full week with an operations instructor and a variety of departments presenting important information.

When COVID-19 hit and it became apparent that it would affect our operations long term, we had to rethink the way we were training new employees. We paused training for a couple of months so our site teams could manage what was most important, helping their sites and residents navigate the pandemic but it was important to still properly support these new employees and help set them up for success.

To accommodate a similar experience to in-person training, we created a new virtual training program.  Virtual Operations Essentials Training (VOET) consists of multiple live webinars each month to help supplement the self-guided learning through our Learning Management System, and introduce the new employee to each department that provides support to the site.  Through this training program, employees learn how to succeed in their roles and gain skills they will use throughout their career. Lessons include communication best practices, information technology, managing and engaging a team, and living out Dominium’s core values.

As a company that creates affordable housing for communities in need, Dominium’s values include developing people, growth, integrity and creating long-term value. Through these four pillars, we strive every day to create and engaging and motivating place to work, and hope we are able to instill that message into our employees through our new virtual training program. Right now, Dominium is hiring caretakers, maintenance technicians, leasing consultants, community managers and groundskeepers among other positions. For more information about all opportunities, visit