Dominium Distributes 30,000 Reusable Cloth Face Masks to Fight COVID-19

At Dominium, we’re ALL IN when it comes to serving and protecting our communities during the coronavirus pandemic. From reimagining property operations, to going virtual at our corporate office to increasing our site workforce by 10%, we’ve been working hard to keep things running safely and efficiently at our properties while contributing positively to surrounding communities.

In early August, we continued with this commitment by partnering with Minnesota Housing and became a mask distribution hub. In total, 30,000 masks were distributed to over 40 local affordable housing organizations in Minnesota.

As an affordable housing leader, Dominium owns and manages 60 apartment communities in Minnesota and was able to provide nearly 16,000 masks to the residents of these communities.

Kevin Ponce, Dominium Regional Maintenance Manager spearheaded this project with Minnesota Housing. He says that setting up this program was a simple decision, and we are thankful for the opportunity to partner with Minnesota Housing to provide residents with an essential accessory. “Here at Dominium we pride ourselves on our ability to show integrity and create long term-value whether in our apartments or our local communities. So, when the question came up, we jumped at the chance to help.”

Mask distribution initially took place in early August and is likely to continue as there is still a significant need.